Best fan gatherings ever

If you are from Malaysia & you must have noticed some people wearing blue color t-shirts & making a huge noise.

Yes, we are going to talk about those energetic & electrifying fan re-unions.

A campaign by name “Back home with Honor” started by Honor Malaysia found a great success in its fan gatherings.

The brand Honor Malaysia has touched millions with its brand strategy. We saw a couple of fan gatherings by other brands as well in Malaysia but this campaign of Honor has given a new meaning for fan gatherings.

Every brand wants to be closely connected with its loyal customers & there are many ways to be connected with them but these fan gatherings make your loyal customers & fans feel very special when you personally invite them.

So, Honor Malaysia started its campaign with fan gatherings at different locations like Ipho, Penanag, JB, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur.

Some great pics we have captured for you, take a look










Soon this team is going to call you for its fan gathering in Kuala Lumpur.

Attend & experience the energetic waves till then, good bye.

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Thank You

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