Huawei Ascend Mate 7: The Premium Phablet

Huawei released several phablets in the past two years with the Ascend Mate being one of the more notable ones. However for consumers, its offerings were never really considered flagship worthy as they lacked finesse, high-end specs and a compelling suite of features.

Things started to change in 2014 when Huawei began improving the design, build quality and features of its mobile devices. The Chinese company demonstrated its design chops on the MediaPad X1 at Mobile World Congress 2014 with the 7-inch tablet measuring a mere 7.18mm thin and sporting an aluminum alloy chassis. Huawei later replicated the same formula on its Ascend P7 flagship smartphone.


What was missing in its portfolio then was a strong phablet offering, which Huawei eventually addressed at IFA 2014 with the Mate 7. The 6-inch phablet brought with it a series of new features such as a 6-inch 1080p display, a new Emotion UI 3.0 and a fingerprint sensor. More importantly, we were quite impressed with its premium design which could put pressure on its competitors.


What is so good about Huawei AscendMate 7 – Take a look,



Huawei AscendMate 7 is currently the best Phablet from Huawei.

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