Vmall.my – Successful Ecommerce story in Malaysia

Every Malaysian by now know this online website www.vmall.my & it is quite becoming famous nowadays because of its online marketing, genuine efforts towards its customers satisfaction.

This website (www.vmall.my) has gained the mid range popularity because of Honor products such as Honor 3C, Honor 6 & Honor 3C Lite.

This website basically provides Honor products online. Many Malaysians still search with the prefix Huawei for all Honor products.


Vmall for Malaysia launched with lot of positive response & you can check out the video how vmall Malaysia launched initially.

Malaysians have searched a lot about Honor products online on Google in 2014 & the trend continues to grow this year too.

With their exciting devices like Honor 3C, Honor 6, Honor Tablet & Honor 3C Lite, they have created a good impact in Malaysians. Vmall Malaysia not only provides Smartphones but also there are so many other devices listed on their website.

vmall 1

vmall 2

vmall 3

vmall 4

Marketplace battle is getting intense, and more to come in 2015:

There are more entrants coming up with their own strategy now in Malaysia.

Ecommerce is now a HOT business & when applied well strategy can outperform & reach bigger sales revenue. Vmall Malaysia is one such Ecommerce business that is well known for its Ecommerce strategy.

Not only selling, Vmall Malaysia also takes care of promotion campaigns time to time.

They give away coupons, gifts & coins redeeming options.

A well established Ecommerce website for all your Honor products.

There are competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus for Honor in Malaysia. Frankly to say, Honor started the first Ecommerce website in Malaysia compared to Xiaomi & other new entrants.

Xiaomi looks like copying the same now & followed by others.

Let’s hope 2015 will be a good year for all Ecommerce business in Malaysia.

Stay tuned with us for all latest news.

Thank You

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