Surprising: Want to know what Malaysians do online?

Yeah, we know, you guys want to know what you do online. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

It is really surprising to know what Malaysians do online. They outperform most of the Top countries in the world with their mobile behavior.

Some cool facts about Malaysians:

  • Malaysians are fast learners
  • Early adaptors of technology
  • Quick in innovation
  • Like to experience new things & devices

Apart from the above facts, when Google did a deep dive into what Malaysians do online, the facts were really amazing…..Eager to know what they do online?

Google got to know that,

  • Malaysians are 60 %-70 % online on their smartphone throughout the day
  • Malaysians access all online portals through their smartphones
  • Malaysians spend lot of their time in research on internet about their favorite products
  • Malaysians buy more online compared to any other country
  • Malaysians search more about Smartphones on internet compared to any other devices online
  • Malaysians are well adapted with Videos, they like to see videos

Take a look at the below info graphics that shows what Malaysians do online:


For starters, Malaysia is one of five countries in the world where smartphone usage is higher than computer usage. Others are: China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore

35% of Malaysian users surveyed say they exclusively use their smartphones to access the Internet, making Malaysia the number one country in the world when it comes to smartphone Internet access exclusivity. It is a different situation in the West, where no countries have shown such a trend.

Some 41% of Malaysians research products and services on their smartphones before purchasing them. The statistics in Europe are much lower, with the UK at 21% and Germany at 20%.

Malaysia is really becoming the big super power; let’s hope Malaysia reaches on top in every technology & its usage.

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