TOP 5 Best Travel Apps recommended for Malaysia

There are a whole bunch of great apps available in the Google Play Store for those of us who travel, be it regularly or only occasionally.

Whatever the trip, whatever the purpose, with an Android smartphone in your pocket you’ve got the potential to have a powerful travel arsenal at your disposal to help you out in any situation.

Here we are sorting out some unique Android Apps to assist you in your travel.



TripIt is as close to a no-brainer for frequent travelers that you’ll find. It is so useful it’s actually ridiculous. So long as you’re happy enough allowing it access to your inbox, you need never worry about collating your travel plans again. Flights, hotels, train journeys and much more will just automagically be pulled into your TripIt account from your inbox and have trips created for you. As you book more for that trip, it’s smart enough to recognize the matching dates and organize accordingly. (And if you’d prefer TripIt not sniff around your inbox, you can still send itineraries manually.)

Download Here:

Hotel Tonight:


Hotel Tonight is one of those apps with a very focused purpose, but that delivers that purpose extremely well. It only offers you the chance to book a hotel to check in on the same day – hence the name. It doesn’t have hundreds of hotels to choose from, rather offering up a selection with deals on available rooms. If you’re travelling at short notice, Hotel Tonight can help take some of the grind out of finding some accommodation.

Download Here:


If you’re looking to book a hotel a little further in advance than the day of travel you can do a lot worse than and its Android app. The service itself is very competitive with frequent deals across a range of hotels to take advantage of and the Android app is absolutely superb.

It pulls in Google Maps to overlay hotels and their respective prices on so you can get a real feel for where you’re searching. It also has the traditional list view and a whole host of filters you can apply to help whittle down the search listings to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Download Here:



Airports are usually noisy, hot, extremely busy and full of people rushing around left right and center. Or at least that’s how it goes at London airports! We’re not all priviliged – and wealthy enough – to be allowed access to our airlines business and first class lounges, but there are other options at the terminal. And with Loungebuddy on your Android device you can find the very best of them.

It crowd sources its reviews – think TripAdvisor, but for airport lounges – and its users can upload images along with some blurb to help you decide whether or not its the one for you. Airline lounges are also included so you can check out that swanky first class lounge before you get to the terminal. Just add in your journeys and let it do the rest.

Download Here:

XE Currency:


We’ve all been there. We’re out shopping in a foreign country and the first question is always “I wonder how much that is in (insert your own currency.)” So grab a currency converter app to help you out. They’re not particularly exciting, but XE Currency is one of the best of the bunch. At a glance you’re able to convert into a range of different currencies and the exchange rates are updated frequently.

Download Here:

Pick up your best travel app & download them onto your smartphone.

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