Top Most Expensive Watches in the World

Here are the TOP Most expensive watches in the world:

Cartier Secret:

1) Price : $ 2.75 million


The watch is made of White Gold made out of 18 carat white gold plated with rhodium. It also shows the 3.53 carat portrait cut diamond which makes it looks glamorous as well as trendy. To make it more luxurious it is covered with 3010 brilliantly cut diamonds. All these features makes it most expensive.

2) Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523:


Price : $ 2.9 million

This watch is the most preferred watch in the community of rich peoples. This watch was auction in the year 2006. It is made up of 18 carat yellow gold. It features a polychrome and enamel dial which resembles the North American continent. It is also included in the list of most expensive watches.

3) Piaget Emperador Temple:

Price : $ 3.3 million


Piaget Emperador Temple was listed in the top 10 luxurious watches. The Piaget Emperador was made up of expensive diamond in which
a). First Watch contains 207 baguette cut diamonds, 481 brilliant diamonds and emerald cut diamond
b). Second Watch contain 11 baguette cut diamonds and 162 brilliant cut diamonds.

4) Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph:
Price : $ 3.6 million


The Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph was made up of 18 carat pure white gold. The dial of Philippe 1928 was designed with silver matte. It was manufactured at the time of crash stock market in 1928 after that it is also known as one of the most important patrons in Patek Philippe.

5) Patek Philippe Platinum world Time:

Price : $ 4.03 million


Platinum world Time watch was produced by the world’s number one watch maker company Patek Philippe. It is made in 1939. Platinum world time is also one of the most expensive watch in the world. Philippe Platinum was a first watch that was warn on moon.

6) Louis Moinet Meteoris:
Price : $ 4.6 million


Louis Moinet Meteoris was listed on top 10 luxury watches. The dial of Louis Moinet was made up of asteroid, meteorite and ancient meteorite which are not available on earth. Louis Moinet watch is also know by the name of space watch.

7) Hublot Diamond:
Price : $ 5 million


Hublot Diamond is one of the most expensive and beautiful watch in the world. It is designed by adorned. It contain 1200 diamonds which is 140 carat in weight. The Hublot Diamond watch was made up of 18 carat white gold.

8) Patek Philippe 1527:
Price : $ 5.6 million


Patek Philippe was made in 1943. The Patek Philippe watch was made up of 18 carat yellow gold and silver matte dial. It is listed in the top 10 Vintage watches. It contains extraordinary luxury features like Chronograph, beautiful moon phase display, date indicator and perpetual calendar.

9) Patek Philippe super complication:
Price : $ 11 million


Patek Philippe is among the luxurious watch maker company. The Patek Philippe super complication is the most complicated watch in the world it is made up of 18 carat gold. Super Complication took a time period of 5 years for design and manufacturing after that it was completed in 1933.

10) Chopard 201 Carat:
Price : $ 25 million


So these are the most expensive watches which are not only glamorous in look but are made with style and finishing. These watches contain precious metal and stones which have been cut down in a very good manner.

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Now let us know which one is your favorite in this list.

Thank You

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