Watch: iPhone Vs Android – The Ultimate Funny Battle

In fact, the video is rather fun, and given that it’s apparently “to be concluded“, we’re definitely looking forward to the second installment. The final scene sees the iPhone defend itself with its secret jailbroken weapon, so it’ll be intriguing to see how Android counters next time around. Perhaps our Android-rocking friends will unleash a home screen widget capable of powers that iOS NC widgets can only still dream of?

Whether you prefer Android or indeed iOS, we should all be grateful that both exist. Each has borrowed significantly from the other over the past few years, and the competition has helped to strengthen and enhance the experience of using both. Thanks to iOS, Google was forced to introduce Project Butter, a movement with Jelly Bean 4.1 that brought a slicker overall experience, and similarly, Android’s open-source nature has coaxed Apple into relaxing the perimeter surrounding the “walled garden” and permitting third parties to create widgets, keyboards and integrate features like Touch ID into apps.

Both Android and iOS still have their strengths and weaknesses, and below, the sci-fi clip demonstrates some of them in an entertaining way. Don’t go expecting CGI or any other mind-blowing effects, mind, because this little video feels very much like it has been made on an Android or iOS device.

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