Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Cool Smartphones in Malaysia

We know everyone is busy in this world. Christmas is nearing & somebody is waiting for your gift still. Suddenly last minute you will realize that somebody special is really waiting for your gift & you haven’t bothered about the gift yet.

Now what you should do?

Don’t worry; you are at a perfect place & reading this blog to avoid such situations.

Christmas is such a big festival. Malaysia has its unique style of celebrating Christmas.

So, we are here today to show you some cool affordable smartphones that you can buy. We will help you to make your decision easy & orth.

Even if you are in a hurry, you just read about these smartphones & just buy them.

The smartphone list you can buy for this Christmas:

1. Samsung Galaxy S5:

galaxy s5_BLACK_TMO0001

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful phone that is suitable for people from all walks of life.  it makes a lot of sense to go with the S5. After all, Samsung has packed a ton of great features into the S5, including a power-saving mode, IP67 waterproofing, and a great camera.

Get it Here:

2. HTC One M8:


Boasting an even sturdier construction and the same great commitment to elegant design as the original One, HTC’s newest version of the One line is a truly great smartphone. While some users dislike HTC’s unique approach to the camera, this phone remains one of the best Android phones out there & that makes it a great gift for music fans and audiophiles

Get it Here:

3. LG G2:


The LG G2 has gotten plenty of rave reviews from tech insiders. What sets the G2 apart from other Android smartphones is its outstanding camera and stunning display. While there is a newer version of this phone out now, the G2 is still running pretty respectable specs. The only thing that might be a turn-off for some people is the rear key, which is a divisive feature.

Get it Here:

4. Moto X:


The original Moto X got rave reviews, and plenty of people are happy with this somewhat older phone. If the cost of the second-gen Moto X is prohibitive, getting an older version of this phone is a smart bet, particularly if you are shopping for relatives who don’t really care about having the latest and greatest smartphone.

Get it Here:

5. Honor 3C Lite:


You can’t ignore Honor Phone if you are in Malaysia. Honor 3C lite is the new Hot smartphone introduced by Honor Family. All Honor Smartphones have done a good job in Malaysia. This phone is the best entry level smartphone in Malaysia & can be comparable with the big brands too. Has many unique features & preferably for youth.

8MP Primary Cam


Dual sim etc

Get it Here:

Hope we have helped your decision making effort in selecting the best gift for your loved ones in rush.

Thank You

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