Patent issues – Way to go for Asus, Oppo, Honor & OnePlus

Why buy Xiaomi [Mi Phones] with a bundle of issues from patent to after sale services and no clear long-term plans?

Over past couple of years we’ve seen that Samsung and Apple are getting replaced by users as their preferred choice of Smartphones. We have been getting some really good companies entering the Malaysia market providing best of features at competitive prices. Some of these companies are Asus, OnePlus, Honor & Xiaomi.

But the latest issue that has sent shivers down our spine is the ban on Xiaomi phones. Ericsson has sued Xiaomi for infringement of Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and Delhi High Court has upheld this by banning sale of Xiaomi phones in India which the company has duly complied by. Some of the patents that were infringed by Xiaomi relate to 3G, EDGE and AMR technologies.

Today Xiaomi Gets Temporary Relief, but is this what a customer wants?

Shouldn’t customers look for long term companies for their personal devices such as Smartphones?

Do you think this bad word of mouth will not spread across the world, today its banned in India & tomorrow it may get banned anywhere…..

We did a bit of research regarding this and realised that similar situations were prevalent in China too where Xiaomi had infringed various patents of Huawei on 4G but Huawei didn’t take any legal action against them. Huawei is the no. 1 telecom company in the world & they have cross-patent licensing with various businesses across the globe.

Huawei being Top 3 Global Smartphone player after Samsung and Apple ensured that they didn’t infringe any patents from any players and now they are in a good position in India, Malaysia & around the world with Honor range of smartphones like Honor 6 and Honor 3C, 3C Lite.

The same goes with ASUS, Oppo & Oneplus, these smartphone brands are very competitive enough & provide good range of smartphones.

Currently the following are the best budgeted smartphones in Malaysia:

Oppo N3, Oppo R5, Asus Fonepad 8, Asus Zenfone 5, Honor 6, Honor 3C Lite, OnePlus

Patent post

I think Xiaomi should fix their patent issues quickly and smartly and not just provide Temporary Relief for Indian customers now. With so many great phones coming into market, we can only wish Xiaomi to come out of its infringement case.

What do you say? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

Thank You

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