Common-Sense Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

It’s amazing how much personal information we carry around with us every day—at least those of us who have a smartphone.

Anyone who has access to my smartphone would have a ton of data about me. That’s one of the reasons we should protect it with a passcode. Interestingly enough, a lot of people don’t do it.

Smartphones have evolved from being able to just check email and has now allowed us to do so many other things when paired with other devices. Nowadays, we can pay with our smartphones with digital wallet apps are able to store multiple credit cards. Most of our private information (together with other contact information) can be found in the apps on our smartphone through chatlogs, pictures, calendars, and notes.

This is why we rely so much on our smartphones and store so much sensitive data on it to make our lives easier. With all these sensitive data onboard a tiny device, we should pay more attention to keeping it safe and away from anyone unwanted.

Here are some precautions to help you.

Keep it locked :
Make sure your phone’s screen lock is on – at all times – so there’s less at risk if your phone falls into the hands of a cyber criminal.

Encrypt your sensitive information :
If your phone includes data encryption features, make sure you use them. In the event of your phone being stolen, criminals will not be able to access the personal information that’s stored on your phone – if that information has already been encrypted.

Monitor how apps behave on your phone :
Be aware of permission access / requests from applications running on your phone. It’s especially important to do this for Android smartphones.

Protect your phone and your data :
Many users – that wouldn’t ever consider running a laptop, PC, or Mac computer without anti-malware software – forget that today’s smartphones are powerful computers… and they are vulnerable to the same risks. Make sure you use a reputable anti-malware program on all of your mobile devices – and ensure the antivirus databases are regularly updated.

Be aware of the risks of jailbreaking / rooting :
Although it might be tempting to root or jailbreak your phone – in order to access specific apps or services – this will strip away the security. To help keep your phone and your data secure… don’t root or jailbreak your phone.

Switch off Bluetooth… when you can :
If you’re not using your Bluetooth connection, it’s a great idea to switch it off. That way, you’ll make your phone less vulnerable to cyberattack… and you’ll reduce the drain on your phone’s battery.

Choose a smartphone security solution with anti-theft features :
Some smartphone security products include a range of anti-theft features that give you remote access to your lost or stolen phone – so you can lock the phone, wipe data from it, and find its location.

Hope these tips will help you to keep your smartphone safe & clear.

Thank You

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