OnePlus banned from selling phones in India, can this affect Malaysia too?

Micromax has secured an injunction against OnePlus for allegedly infringing its exclusive rights with Cyanogen.

You read that right! OnePlus, the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been temporarily banned from marketing, selling and shipping its mobile device in India


While Xiaomi is still stuck there in India, OnePlus also entered this list. It’s a really a shock for OnePlus fans now.

Following an order from the Delhi High Court, OnePlus is now banned from selling, marketing, or even importing the OnePlus One in India.

The order comes after Indian phone brand Micromax, which is launching a new brand of Cyanogen-powered phones under a new ‘YU’ brand tomorrow, complained to the Delhi High Court that OnePlus infringed on their India-exclusivity agreement with Cyanogen.

Cyanogen had recently inked a deal with the Indian manufacturer Micromax and according to the agreement, the exclusivity of offering CyanogenMod OS running devices would remain to Micromax. There was some confusion with OnePlus announcing their smartphone at the same time and the future of OnePlus One receiving CyanogenMod OS updates was uncertain.

Both the companies came out in the public and made some statements. By the looks of the appalling communication from Cyanogen, we thought that they were the company to blame for the mess. As it turns out, Cyanogen seems to have requested OnePlus to stop using Cyanogen branding in India even before the device was officially launched.

According to the court order, which we have acquired, OnePlus at a point seems to have agreed to give up the trade mark in India.

Now the only question to be asked is,

Is OnePlus really at fault? Will this negative word of mouth will affect its brand in Malaysia too?

Court will judge the decision soon & we hope all goes well with peace.

Meanwhile you share with us your thoughts in the comment box.

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