Honor Brand to enter US market where as Xiaomi stuck with its BAN in India

Honor series, the new Honor 6 plus is what we are talking about & is entering the US Market & has already created a lot of buzz around the town.

Bad news for Xiaomi where it is stuck with its head & tail in India & the affect is carried over to Malaysia too.

Both Honor & Xiaomi went together in all the Markets & have created a well user base whereas this time Honor alone is hitting its camp in USA. As you all know Xiaomi is facing a hard time to get over its case with Ericsson in India.

The recent infringement case of Xiaomi has shaken its base in the countries like India & Malaysia.


While Xiaomi was claiming itself as it is more competent than its competitor Honor in Malaysia, the facts revealed that Xiaomi’s sales have affected with Ericsson case & many Xiaomi fans now prefer to use Honor series than Xiaomi.

There was a rumour that Huawei might help Xiaomi to get rid of this case but till now nobody knows what’s Xiaomi is thinking about it.

Honor with its all pride is ready to enter the US market with Honor 6 plus & make its mark as it always does.


2014, Honor launched a number of popular models, which Honor 3C series sold over six million units, honor 6 sales of over 2 million units, honor 3X series sold over 3 million units. The second half of 2014, Honor rattling in the domestic market at the same time, begun to advance the global market, did extremely well in Malaysia.

Huawei has a new phone ready to reveal next week, and it’s called the Honor 6 Plus. From the name and the apple-laden teaser picture posted to its official Weibo account, it’s most likely a larger version of the recently re launched Honor 6.

If rumors are correct, the Honor 6 Plus will have a 5.5-inch, 1080p touchscreen, and be powered by an octa-core processor from the Kirin family. Other possible specs include a 3GB chunk of RAM, and a serious 3500mAh battery, which should keep the Android phone running for at least a couple of days.

6 plus specs

Hope Xiaomi gets over its case with Ericsson & starts its normal days again.

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