Honor 3C Lite even lower price – RM179 Only?

When they said, Honor 3C Lite is RM199 only, many Malaysians got excited & Pre-Booked their Honor 3C Lite.
Now it’s time they are ready to offer you even lesser: Now it’s RM 179 Onlyyyyyyyyyy…….

You are asking us HOW?
It’s simple,
RM399 – RM200 Freebies – RM20 Coupon = RM179

Believe us & Click here to see yourself: http://goo.gl/PQkBKd

If you ask us, this is the best deal as far as we recommend currently.
We have done an analysis over past week & found out why this is the best deal for you in Malaysia.

3C Lite

What you will get in RM179?…..This is your chance to make the brand Honor 3C Lite all yours.
This is an exclusive offer from Honor Brand.

Special Prize, It’s Honor Birthday Bonanza:
Pre-order(s) that hit every milestone bar as dedicated on web banner from time to time and special prize will be unlocked by each achievement.

Pre-Order Now: http://goo.gl/cgCHV2

Birthday Bonanza

Honor wants its fans & the world to know how affordable the Honor 3C Lite is.
That is the reason they use #BuiltForYou #Honor3Clite

In our last post we have already shared how Honor 3C is unique & better than smartphones like Xiaomi Red mi 1S.

Honor 3C Lite – A device built for smart consumers like you.

No doubt this device will make you happy if you own it, more over, this smartphone will make you feel Brave, because it is #BuiltForTheBrave

SO, What are you waiting for?

Join the Rush & be Brave: http://www.vmall.my/index.php/honor-3c-lite.html

To get your RM20 Coupon: http://www.vmall.my/newcoupon

Follow us for more info: http://goo.gl/v4aR0T

Thank You

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