TOP 5 Christmas Gifts for Men in Malaysia

Now is the time of the year everybody starts looking for gift ideas. In our opinion, in Malaysia we see lot of trendy & fancy items, so something practical, stylish & durable is really good enough.
Here’s our selection of Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men:

1. Tote:
A man can have many type of bags, but most of us don’t really have that many. This calls for a versatile & quality tote that fits our lifestyle. Why tote? Because a tote is simple, multifunctional and we just can put so many different things inside a tote (imagine your gym gears, laptop, office documents, Starbucks tumbler & subway sandwich all together.) You don’t really need to walk with a laptop bag, a gym bag, a tumbler on your left hand and a few plastic bags on your right.

Available in Malaysia:
Available at

2. Smartphone:
If you are in Malaysia then going for a brand like Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo or Asus is a best choice.
More stylish, reliability, good service etc
If you ask us to personally recommend some smartphones, we recommend Honor 3C Lite, Oppo find 7, ZenFone 5, Red mi Note

We prefer you to choose your Smartphone from

3. Luxury/Higher-End Watch:
A rule of thumb: A man needs not too many accessories but one or two signature pieces. A timepiece is one of them. A good watch is always one of the first investment a man would make when planning on building a more mature & sophisticated wardrobe. Try going for a higher-end watch. They have exceptional quality & often last for years, and this justifies their price tag. Go for big & bulky watches.

Available at
Available in Malaysia: Seiko Malaysia Criteria Series

4. Oxford Shoes / Brogue:
It is time to send those old leather ubiquitous dress shoes back into their boxes. A new pair of contemporary oxford or brogues is the way to upgrade his fashion taste. Brogues are popular now and we think they are going to stay long (even after when the trend faded.)

Available at OXFORDHEA

5. Tailored Suit:
Already have a suit? Get him another one in different color. If he doesn’t have one that fits like a glove, this is a good time to get one as tailors & online shop are giving out seasonal promotion & discounts.

Looking at the number of Malaysian celebrities posing on their website’s landing page, you know Lord’s Tailor is a prolific tailor in Malaysia. There are 2 branches: Ampang Walk & Bangsar.

What are you waiting for?
Start shopping your favorite item from the recommended list & gift your Boyfriend…..

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