Vmall.my listed on TOP Online Shopping destinations in Malaysia

Vmall.my listed on TOP Online shopping destinations in Malaysia:

We are here today to showcase some successful E-commerce websites in Malaysia & their share & popularity.

Before proceeding further, let’s understand the online environment in Malaysia.



Recently Vmall.my has been added to this category

Vmall.my is a destination where you can buy all Honor products & accessories:

honor products
Successful E-commerce case – Vmall.my

Vmall.my – One stop shop for Honor products

Vmall became very successful in Malaysia through its Marketing tactics & tricks & the customers trust on its genuine products & quality.

The same has been replicated in other parts of the world too.

When analysed, we found some critical points listed below,
1. Having Partners in business like how you have partners for life
2. A little creativity goes a long way
3. Telling your brand story
4. The importance of design
5. User experience
6. Turn your customers into supporters
7. Building trust online
8. Making the right pitch

Take a look at this new list:


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Source Credit: http://goo.gl/C9SWqC

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