Samsung’s creative move – ‘Let me doodle you’

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Get Doodled
If the Pen is mightier than the sword, then the S Pen is an even mightier creativity tool. Instead of expressing yourself in words, why not do more with the S Pen on the new Samsung GALAXY Note 4. In its 4th generation, the new S Pen has doubled its sensitivity with 2,048 levels of pressure compared to the previous Note.

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Selfies lovers would also appreciate the larger 3.7MP wide angle front camera which also comes with a bigger F1.9 aperture for better shots in low light. If you need to take a group shot, you can leave that selfie stick at home as it takes wide angle 120 degree photos in Wide-Selfie mode. Got small hands? Not to worry as you easily take selfies by tapping on the heart rate sensor at the back.

For a limited time only, Samsung Malaysia is inviting you to send a picture of yourself to be doodled by its key celebrities. First 50 participants of the day will be doodled and 10 with the most creative slogan will be rewarded with a pair of GSC Movie Tickets daily.

Participate NOW!

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