Honor 6 can easily beat iPhone 6?

Both these two devices are best in their class
We recommend you to buy any of these two as both are loaded with different OS and different apps made for each device but on hardware part, Honor 6 is better as compared to iPhone 6.

Take a look at some of the points that prove Honor 6 is better than iPhone 6

First Point : Internet speed
Honor 6 is the world’s first Smartphone to support LTE Cat 6 intelligent machines, using self-developed 920 Chinese unicorn core, equivalent to the level of the legendary 5G theoretical Internet speeds of up to 300Mbps, iPhone6 lacks it in its inbuilt internet speed compared to Honor 6.

Second Point : Number of cores & RAM
Honor 6 with its own eight-core chip Has unicorn 920, clocked at up to 1.7GHz, iPhone6 ​​just a dual-core clocked at only 1.4GHz.
RAM: Random access memory helps to increase the multi-task performance without freezing the smart phone, Honor 6 features more RAM than iphone 6 (3 GB vs. 1 GB), hence the Honor 6 is capable of handling more task, process more multiple file compared iphone 6.

Third Point : Memory expansion
Honor 6 supports SD card expansion up to 128GB, and China Unicom version supports dual sim dual standby dual pass, on this point, iPhone family has never set itself in this category

Fourth Point : Screen
Full HD screen, PPI up to 445, iphone6 ​​still using the HD screen. If you compare, iPhone has a lower esolution inbuilt capacity compared to Honor 6.

Fifth Point : infrared remote control
Honor 6 supports infrared remote control, remote control TVs, set-top boxes, DVD, air conditioning, accuracy up to 99%, there is a strong self-learning function, iphone 6 lacks this

Sixth Point: Battery
You get better battery life with Honor 6 & it is 3,100 mAh where as iPhone 6 has 1,800 mAh battery.

Both the Smartphones are built with hi tech engineering & lot of software analysis.

This is just a small analysis to show you the turbulence in Smartphone Industry.

For more reference:


You can check out Honor 6 here: Honor 6 

You can check out iPhone 6 here: iPhone 6

Get daily updates of Honor Products Here: Follow Honor

Get daily updates of iPhone series Here: Follow iPhone

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