Was that Xiaomi’s Failure?

Was that a real failure for Xiaomi in India?
Hmmm, they might have corrected themselves in Malaysia Market….

Think Globally but Act Locally:
Whenever a company goes global, it is very important for it to think & analyze itself on its Marketing Strategies.
It should first consider the culture of the country in which it is stepping into then adopt itself to that culture.

But Xiaomi did this exactly the opposite.
It was their Marketing strategy which failed in India.

Yes, this happened in India when Xiaomi started creating a buzz around….

Take a look at the proofs on what unsatisfied customers of Xiaomi say…









Some Technology experts say that Xiaomi just got it right in Malaysia.

Should wait & see how it works out for Xiaomi in Malaysia.

Customer is the king & he is the ultimate decision maker….

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