Two Big Smartphone Rivals in Malaysia

Xiaomi Mi 3 & Honor 6 have created their benchmark in Malaysia.

We already know that Honor 6 is called the King & is selling like a Hot Cake in Malaysia exclusively through vmall.
Similarly, Xiaomi has also done a lot of damage to its competitors in Malaysia by its killer specs.

Let’s consider the two best rivals again & analyze:

General Aspects:


Display Aspects:


Camera Aspects:


Hardware Aspects:


Truth be told, there are few devices that come close to competing with the Honor 6. The closest rival to the Honor 6 in terms of price point would be the hugely popular Xiaomi Mi 3 which is priced at RM 769.

With a price tag that is RM 230 less than Honor 6, the Mi 3 offers relatively the same level of performance and features as the Honor 6, with one glaring omission: LTE connectivity. That being said, the Mi 3 has NFC which the Honor 6 does not have. Then again, I’m pretty sure users prefer LTE over NFC.

To find other competitors of the Honor 6, one would have to go way beyond the RM1,000 mark. This includes Huawei’s own Ascend P7 as well as the HTC One E8, and the Nokia Lumia 930. It isn’t even a stretch to say that this RM999 smartphone rivals several premium smartphones that cost over RM2,000.

Even when you consider the other Chinese smartphone companies such as Xiaomi and OnePlus, the Honor 6 is still priced lower. While both the OnePlus One and the Xiaomi Mi 4 are not yet officially available in the country, these flagship devices regularly retail for about RM1,200 or more in the grey market.

Now it’s all in consumers hand to decide what to prefer.

Source Credit: (Lowyat)

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