Smartphone guide: Pick the best one

After a brief analysis , we have come to a conclusion with some relevant & best Smartphone options for you.

Go through the list, you may find your choice.

Best all rounder: Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 has its share of exciting new features, including a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor that works with an improved S Health app.The S5 boasts a faster camera with real-time HDR for better pictures, a bigger and even more beautiful display and considerably longer battery life. All of this is wrapped in a design that can shrug off a splash or dunk in water. Although we’re not fans of the charging port flap, overall the S5 is the best smartphone money can buy.

Best iPhone: iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s biggest and best iPhone yet–and we’re not just talking about straight-up size. This Apple phablet boasts a zippy A8 processor for multitasking and playing high-end games, and its 5.5-inch screen makes way for an exclusive landscape mode that lets you use your apps in new ways. Photogs take note: the sleek 6 Plus is the only iPhone with optical image stabilization.

Best worthy Phone: Motorola Moto X 

Moto X costs less than most other flagship smartphones, yet has many of the same features–and then some. We really like the gorgeous 5.2-inch 1080p OLED display and fast 2.5-GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU, but we love Moto Voice, which lets you control your phone and apps without lifting a finger. You can even create your own voice prompt. Plus, the Moto X is the most customizable phone ever. Not only can you outfit the rear panel in a multitude of colors, leather and wood, you can also pick accent colors.

The affordable King: Honor 6

The King of Smartphones is here with all the required specifications.

Worth to mention:
Processor: 1.7 GHz octa core HiSilicon Kirin 920
Display: 5.0 inch Full HD
Memory: 3GB RAM, 16/32GB RIM plus microSD up to 64GB
Camera: 13MP rear and 5MP front
Battery: 3100 mAh
Operating System: Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Emotion UI 2.3

You will find the Honor 6 the perfect device. The right balance of portability and screen size i.e. viewing opportunities make this model attractive for both impulsive “youth” and rational “business” people. The dimensions of new smartphone is defined by 5.0 inches Full HD multitouch display with the measures 139.8 х 68.8 х 6.5 mm. But what means Full HD? To be honest, it’s just words. Only experience is truly valuable, and with the screen of this device you can be sure about getting the best picture ever offered.

Best Smartphone Deal: OnePlus One

Here’s the deal–literally. Although it’s not even close to being a household name, the OnePlus One deserves to be on your smartphone shortlist. For just $299 unlocked, you get a big 5.5-inch full HD screen, a zippy Snapdragon 801 processor and absolutely fantastic battery life of more than 13 hours. There’s even more goodness to entice, including Cyanogen Mod software running on top of Android 4.4, which gives you more customization and security options–not to mention nifty lock screen shortcuts.

Best Windows Phone: HTC One M8 for Windows

If you haven’t considered a Windows Phone yet, the One M8 may very well change your mind. This device sports the same sexy aluminum design and rockin’ BoomSound speakers as its Android-powered but runs the more dynamic and personal Windows 8.1 software. Microsoft’s powerful Cortana assistant is built in, which is smarter than Siri in some ways. HTC adds to this phone’s appeal by including its TV remote functionality (Sense TV) and fully customizable news and social reader (Blink Feed).

Best Smartphone Battery Life: Huawei Ascend Mate 2


There are long-lasting smartphones, and then there’s Huawei’s Ascend Mate 2. Packing a monster 3,900 mAh battery, this device lasted nearly 15 hours on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (web surfing over 4G LTE). The Android handset offers so much juice you can even charge other gadgets with it — using an optional cable. Although the Ascend Mate 2 doesn’t have the highest resolution (720p) or fastest CPU (Snapdragon 400), overall it’s quite the long-lasting bargain at just $299 unlocked.

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