What’s your Smartphone choice?

These days there are so many Smartphone Brands coming to Malaysia in search of their growth.

Some of the known recent Smartphone Brands include:





One Plus

Since we have so many Smartphone Brands in Malaysia, it’s really difficult for a customer to make decision quickly on which smartphone to buy for himself.

We have made a small comparison here & some facts which can help you to make your decision of buying Smartphones in Malaysia. (

Smart comparison

Recently SoyaCincau also shared a Blog about Smartphone Comparison below 600RM, see below:


You can also see this Smartphone performance matrix:


According to some sources, they say “Honor 6 performed much more than the expected”

Even though OnePlus is a new competitor it performed well in the performance test.

We have shared a Blog about ‘Best Android Smartphones 2014’

Hope this small blog has made it clear for all of you to make your perfect choices.

We will back with some more interesting facts.

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Source Credit: oizoioi & Soyacincau

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