6 aspects of Honor 6 you must know

After having Honor 6 for some time, there are some new things, but also more on inheritance and improvements; anyway, there are 6 aspects about Honor 6 that you must know.

Aspect 1:

Dual-mirror appearance brings great texture and touch feel
The first impression of Honor 6 gives everyone the “another” Huawei P7. Similar to P7, Honor 6 uses dual-mirror appearance design too, however the Honor 6’s back cover is not the Corning glass used the screen, but the six layer aerospace composite materials. It does give great effect though overall costs have been reduced, it in fact has the craved patterns of light and shadow. However, the abrasive resistant of the composite materials is not as good as Corning glass, it is strongly suggested to use a phone case, or a back cover protection film, I am very distressed for having my phone’s back cover that has scratches.
focus mode
Honor 6 uses corner arc design, which has its breakthrough in terms of appearance compared with previous Honor series, it comes with integrated fuselage with aerospace composite materials, accomplished with six-layered composite technology. It gives users great texture and touch feel, especially the gentle squeezing sense of the phone corners, enabling comfortable single handheld.

Honor 6 uses a JDI 5.0 inch FHD Incell screen, with 445PPI pixel density, and 3rd generation Corning glass, its scratch resistant ability is good. However, Huawei still recommends its tempered glass film and other accessories, at least the user can use it at ease. There is a layer of anti-fingerprint coating at the surface of the screen, the touch is delicate and silky without jerky feels, and this is quite cool. The screen is equipped with a CE color enhancement technology, enabling realistic display, large viewing angle, the content could clearly be seen even under the direct glare outdoor. A few numbers: 75.7% screen ratio, 2.86mm ultra-narrow frame, has great contribution in increasing compactness and decrease the body size.

Same as the back cover arrangement of P7, Honor 6 places its rear camera and flash light at the top left corner, speaker is situated at the bottom left corner, it is appealing though some stereo effect has been sacrificed. About the appearance, it belongs to eyes of the beholder.

The border frame of Honor 6 is the material looks like metal around it (some media said it is plastic, I couldn’t differentiate it anyway) and composite frame nested together, the workmanship is excellent actually. The buttons are quite cool, comes in metal material with antiskid patterns, they bulge comfortably, they can be seen easily with the metal patterns even if it is in idle situation.

Furthermore, Honor 6 inherited Honor 3’s infrared remote function, such slightly small infrared emitter is located at the top this time, does not affect the overall appearance at all. It is equipped with the intelligent control 2.0 function and independent infrared remote chip, with the vendor’s infrared code library, it can remotely control televisions, TV’s set-top boxes, air conditioners and other home appliances without any downloading required.
Aspect 2:

The great local eight-core Hisilicon Kirin 920 chipset unveiled

Huawei used a lot of time to introduce its Hisilicon Kirin 920 processor at its press conference. Kirin 920/92x series processor is actually its self-developed new generation SoC based on ARM. Given its key project, Huawei has put a lot of effort on it. From the data released, Kirin 920/92x series uses 28nm structure, such performance is equivalent to Qualcomm technology, and used big.LITTLE processing structure with integrated four Cortex-A15 core and fore Cortex-A7 core, we called 4+4 heterogeneous core, it has the ability to balance power consumption according to processor performance. Kirin 920 integrates Mali T628 for GPU, as the most powerful GPU which supports 2500*1600 resolution in the market currently, its graphic performance is needless to say.


To experience more in terms of core competencies, Huawei has with its cumulated experience in technology for years, enabling its phone to support LTE Cat 6, also owns the ability to support global frequency band, and supports SGLTE/CSFB, VoLTE’s 4G voice call, catching up to Qualcomm RF360 front-end solutions. This goes back to the beginning of this article, a lot of people questioned the performance and the baseband quality before the press conference, Kirin 920 gives a strong fight back to those who doubted it, the AnTuTu score of nearly 40000 has exceeded Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 series as well.

The score is the evidence. There is a joke among the industry: “After the press conference of Honor 6, AnTuTu released its latest version to solve the bug that Xiaomi 3 scored lower than Honor 6”, although it is a joke, it reflects the powerful performance of Honor 6 from the other side.


There are two features about the performance in the system setting of Honor 6, one is ROG technology. ROG technology is Huawei’s adjustable resolution capability to extend the battery life, it solves most users’ demand on the battery endurance performance. Huawei developed the ROG technology, so that the system resolution can adjusted from 1080p to 720p, to ensure longer battery life, and the display also will not have significant lost, but users need to restart the mobile phone to activate it. The other option is “performance mode”, for those who concern about run-point scoring, activate performance mode will provide a very high scoring. I have tested, after activated performance mode, the score will increase for a few hundred points. Theoretically, it should be restored to factory setting and the background processes is relatively clean for 40000 scoring. However for the score of nearly 38000, basically it is invincible.

After tested a few type of games, Hisilicon Kirin 920 compatibility is quite perfect, thanks to the 3G large memory portfolio, the game still run smoothly after switching games under full HD display. After a long gaming duration, the heat accumulated at the top of the back cover, it felt hot like summer, but it is lot better compare with another Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 phone.

Aspect 3:

independent chipset + RF circuit + antenna integration solutions, and excellent battery saving effect

I purposely tested two types 4G phone’s signals under same circumstances, tested with a same 4G card, the signal of Honor 6 at the right side above was unsurprisingly triple the performance of that Qualcomm mobile phone, for friends who questions about the signal can rest assured.

Comparison of WiFi speed and 4G speed indoor.

However when the 4G speed is fast, the data used fast too, watching online video with Honor 6 was quite smooth, but 100M data were gone after a few operations. So a large data plan is definitely needed.
The built in 3100mAh battery not just a number, with the power consuming function of Kirin 920 and EMUI2.3, two days is not a problem with normal usage of phone calls, text messages, Weibo and Wechat. For those business users which require higher battery life can activate ROG technology and deactivate performance mode in setting, and turn off the background processes that consume a lot of battery according to owns need in power management, such activation will enhance the battery endurance.

Aspect 4:

EMUI2.3 + magazine screen unlock = fashion system

The UI system of Honor 6 is equipped with the latest EMUI2.3, there are hundreds of features improved compared to the previous version, thousands of details optimized; the arbitrary touch makes Honor 6 more user-friendly. Honor 6’s magazine lock screen features is my favorite, it eliminates the need of installation of third party applications, with the built in of sports/travel/fashion etc. posters wallpaper, thy update frequently. The off screen fast calling function turns light screen +unlock +type +find +call five steps into just one step, allowing users to make phone call during off screen, very practical and straightforward.
emotion ui
Huawei’s users are very familiar with the hidden menu and the suspend buttons, a very common used function, which can avoid the mis-operation during full screen games or full screen movie.

Aspect 5:

Full focus mode, better effect than DSLR

Honor 6 comes with the 4th generation 13 megapixels Sony BSI rear camera with large aperture of F2.0, 5P aspherical lens, HDR hardware support, and two LED flash light, allowing the camera function of the mobile phone to be compared favourably to DSLR camera. Its 5 megapixel camera has 88-degree wide angle viewing, supports panorama and selfie shooting capability. Huawei’s 2.0 Professional image processing engine can provide superior quality performance and superior low light shooting capability. I can quickly and instantly double-clicking the button when the screen is idle, the fastest 0.6s top speed capture ability is the practicality of this feature.
focus mode
The two groups of pictures above is taken with full focus mode, ,later a random focus point was chosen accordingly on the photos, such function can really beat DSLR, its photo effect is quite vivid.

Aspect 6:

dual-band WiFi + free built-in hotspot

Huawei’s device is always equipped with good communications feature and signal, there is no doubt. Honor 6 brings in the free hotspot database, we certainly have seen numerous branded mobile phones or third party applications have such feature. This time, Honor 6 integrates it directly in its phone, so the users will feel more comfortable this time.

Final conclusion: The emergence of Honor 6 will surely shake local high-end mobile phone market, and the price of around RMB2000 surprised me, self-manufactured chip has its advantage in terms of cost control it seems. Lots of advantages have been discussed earlier, let’s talk about the chipset. Kirin 920 series is very successful thing, Honor 6 Hisilicon processor is only used by Huawei, but such positive energy would not be extended brilliantly, I am still looking forward to see more local manufactures can use the chipset (MTK is a good example), it definitely has some positive effect to the development of the entire local mobile phone industry. From certain point, Honor 6 is just a beginning, I hope it is a good beginning.

Final Verdict:

Honor is a device with a great value for money and has specs which can compete with any other well known brands in the world. Honor 6 is for the brave & adventourous packed-in with great gaming and multimedia performance.
The custom UI is smooth and optimized for the hardware we have in this phone.


For more official news about Honor Products : http://goo.gl/9mpe0G

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