Honor 6 Full Focus Function

Huawei Honor 6 Full Focus Function, Focus after Shooting: 6 Key Tips: It is learnt that Honor 6 comes with a minimum of 13 megapixel camera, it likely uses Sony IMX214 sensor, and has a variety of camera features such as super close-up shooting function. Another excitement about the Honor 6 camera revealed again yesterday, Huawei Marketing Head Zhang Xiaoyun implied that Honor 6 “full focus camera functionality” through Weibo with some photo proofs attached. It carries the similar feature as Nokia and HTC flagship products. From the comparison of both samples, it showed that the different focus taken from the same photo will be varied, such lovable function is good news to those who like close-up photography. In fact, the highly priced Lytro camera (Light Field Camera) has achieved such technology through its special light engine where all light wavelengths can be collected into the camera, intensity and direction of light, the use of computer will be able to mathematically convert information into a formation of 3D photo for human eye see, it is adjustable according to the user’s personal preference too. And the Honor 6 is equipped with such “full-focus camera functionality”. Certainly, this inbuilt-functional mobile phone will allow users to be more interested in DIY photos, letting them to shoot “professionally”. kirin Lytro light field camera and proofs (Photo from the Internet) Summary of Honor 6 camera earlier revealed its series of pictures, it is learnt that Honor 6 comes with a minimum of 13 megapixel camera, possibly using Sony IMX214 sensor, and has a variety of features such as super close-up camera function. Such exposure of “full-focus camera functionality” surely help gained its camera popularity and playability. Currently, most mobile phone manufacturers have gradually stayed away from competing camera parameters, instead focus on camera “fun” and “practical” shooting experience. I believe this is also an Honor 6 will have the same premium price talk. With its smartphone CPU, battery, appearance and network support etc. are the entire ideas to be the “versatile flagship” to outclass the rivalry. The 24th June conference of Honor 6 should be an electrifying one. Source: http://www.mnw.cn/news/digi/765298.html For all official news about Honor Products, refer here: https://www.facebook.com/HuaweiHonorMY

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