Honor 6: Free WIFI WLAN function (PConline evaluation)

Honor 6’s free WiFi function has given more practical reasons for users.From Huawei’s propaganda revealed, we can understand the Honor 6 has its free 10 million hours of free WiFi for users, and does not require a password to access through its nationwide 6.5 million free WiFi hotspots for users to choose, so it seems users can connect almost anywhere.

How magical is this free WiFi? How it works?


Honor 6 free WiFi working principle:
The author is a skeptic person who likes to question everything, and found Honor 6’s working principles after a considerable period of exploration and research. Honor 6 free WiFi is based on WLAN hotspots provided by China Telecom, China Mobile and other certifications required. As long as a traffic flow of a particular place is heavy, the corresponding hotspot will be corresponding increased.


Currently, there are more than 6.5 million WLAN hotspots capable of supporting free connections for Honor 6 users. The publicity of Huawei Honor 6 free WiFi connection is completely true indeed. This is because Huawei and other operators collaborate to absorb all expenses pertaining WiFi access.

No charge on Internet access from Honor 6 users, rest assured that you can use free WiFi anytime.

Honor WLAN early experience:
Honor 6 free WiFi supports 6.5 million hotspots connected to CMCC of China Mobile and China Telecom’s ChinaNet, etc. These hotspots has covered majority of public areas, once WiFi function is activated, the detected hotspots will prompt notification bar to connect.

Enter “Honor WLAN” application, click on “Connect”, the phone will automatically connect to thenearest supports hotspots, at the time of our evaluation test, the system automatically selected the CMCC to connect.

Under a normal circumstance, wait a few seconds, the phone will automatically successful login to a hotspot, then you can freely surf the Internet.

If the user does not know whether there are hot spots nearby, can click on the main interface to search positioning mark, the system will mark how many free hotspots nearby, then users can determine their location and distance, to determine the strength of signals.

We randomly selected a CMCC hotspot, signal was full, by using speedtest to test, downlink speed was 8.23Mbps, uplink speed of 1.64Mbps, this speed is sufficient to meet the daily use of Weibo, Wechat and other Internet needs, the most important is that it can save your Internet data tremendously.

In summary
Honor 6 free WLAN applications is indeed a blessing for many users, achieving free access functionality and growth compared to other Honor products, and becoming a stronger competitor to Xiaomi 3S and Xiaomi 4, not sure whether Lei Jun feels the pressure?

For any Honor related official news, follow this link: http://goo.gl/Zonlgp

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